The Secrets of Happiness Lie in Fashionism

           50% of happiness in humans is derived from genetics. I am one of lucky ones; I have got the HAPPY GENE. But what about the other 50 %? What do we need to do to get all the way to bliss? There are many reasons why you should want to concentrate on being happy. Happiness is something we all want and 50% is the secret to making it happen. With all of side benefits, deciding to be happy is a pretty powerful thing. According to me, the rest 50% happiness lies in what you do or how you present yourself. It’s hard to imagine an association between clothes and happiness. But if you’re already aware of the trend ‘dopamine dressing’, you probably know it’s no old wives’ tale! Dopamine dressing is all about infusing happiness into everyday clothing. Wearing colours,fabrics and silhouettes that make you feel confident, powerful, and above all happy, all because they can trigger the release of feel-good hormones in your b Read more “The Secrets of Happiness Lie in Fashionism”

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